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Here is a what a few customers have had to say about our business:

Brian B., Victoria (on buying a portable charging kit) –

Just thought I’d get back to you and report on the Solarland 12V folding solar panel I purchased from you now that we have used it for two weeks. You had asked for some feedback in the spring as you hadn’t sold one of these units before, I believe. It is really great!!! We were able to use our electric motor on our canoe for about 2-3 hours in the morning, come back, connect up the solar panels and a few hours later (late afternoon) we were ready to go again. The battery never got below 12.15 V in two weeks and we could bring it up to about 13 V or more easily in an afternoon.  The workmanship on the whole unit is very good and the carrying case provides the kind of protection we needed on rough roads in a fully loaded pick-up.  Here is a photo of the unit connected up to the battery in the canoe. What was great was that we never once had to take the battery out of the canoe.  Best regards,  Brian.

Tom & Karen, Coquitlam (on re-installing solar after re-roofing) –

IMG_1322We are extremely pleased with the re install of our solar panels and plumping for our pool done by Paul of Sun Bright Solar after our new roof was put on. The workmanship is exemplary, the system is strong, works great and looks nice and tidy. Paul was punctual, explained everything to us along the way and an absolute pleasure to have at our home. The price was right too. Thanks Paul !!!!

Tom and Karen