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Solar roof work – customers shoes

Do no harm. That is a good first rule of thumb. The roof is in such and such condition, you want to leave it that way. Use a board to protect the gutter from your ladder weight. If you are working on an asphalt roof, which is the most common here in the Lower Mainland, […]

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Solar works!

Have any of you heard people who say that they would not install solar because it doesn’t work in our climate? I get that one quite a lot and attribute it to peoples predisposition to believe we have too much rain here in BC. There is however a great project which I can point people […]

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Reality TV – solar installs

Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of watching Real Housewives of Buctouche, New Brunswick, we could instead watch something really interesting like “How to install solar hot water systems”. Actually I did give up much of my time on one install for a company called Sustainability TV to film a prestigious install on a Net […]

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Rising water – can solar help?

I was re-watching an old Vice TV show today, from Season 3 Episode 1, where they were discussing about climate change, retreating glaciers and rising sea levels. I recommend it to anyone that hasn’t taken the time to become informed about what is happening to our world. So, watch the show, tell me later you […]

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Is climate change affecting migration patterns of Snowbirds?

In walking around the streets of my neighborhood I noticed something unusual this year. There were 15 travel trailers and mobile campers, all in their driveways under tarps. People did not travel south this year. I started asking myself, why? Obviously they had a lot invested in those rigs for this purpose, and gas was […]

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Solar versus gas – which is cheaper?

Today I was out to visit a new client who happened to be in Abbotsford, where fuel is typically .10  per liter cheaper than where I live in Maple Ridge. So the work van is only down a 1/4 tank and it was hardly worthwhile to fill up, but I was so excited to see […]

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Maple Ridge solar report

Hello everyone (ha ha, little inside joke there), It is a beautiful fall day today in the Maple Ridge. The wind has stopped blowing, the rain has turned off it’s tap for a bit and the sun is out in full. It is 2:00pm and the solar collectors are up to 41°C and the bottom […]

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New hope for Canadian environmental efforts

It’s been awhile since I posted. I was so dissapointed with the Harper government and their atrocious lack of regard for environmental issues that I was giving up hope for Canada, and perhaps even for my renewable energy business although that has been holding its own in certain areas of the market. Then we had […]

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Hope for Howe Sound

 This has nothing to do with solar thermal, solar pv or concentrated solar thermal power. But I wanted to write today about something else, that is inspiring to me and I hope to anyone reading this who gives a bit of thought to our human condition. Yesterday I was out scuba diving in the Howe […]

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Eco fracking.

Yeah, that is my sarcasm. This is just the next logical step in the long list of psycho babble double talk coming our way as the gas industry tries to sell us a bill of goods about how safe the whole thing is to our environment.  An I bet you will see the federal Conservative […]

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