Harmony House Project

Harmony House Project

The Harmony House Project (2010/2011) in Burnaby, BC is a single family home built with many energy saving appliances including solar domestic hot water, solar photovoltaic, air-source heat pump and heat recovery ventilation. There are many other energy saving features to this home which you can read more about in the downloadable file below. This home was one of the twelve EQuilibrium Housing projects being studied by Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corp (CMHC).

Sun Bright Solar first learned of this project while attending a breakfast meeting of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association (we are members of the GVHBA) which was offering a tour of the newly begun home in the winter of 2010.  The owner of the home had specified the Thermo Dynamics solar hot water system but the company with which they had designed the plans for this system, was no longer in business. When asked if we  could be involved, we contacted Thermo Dynamics who were pleased to have us representing them here. We were likewise proud to be working with such a terrific product, known for its efficiency and durability.

Thermo Dynamics has been manufacturing solar water heating systems since the 1980’s and have one of the highest rated collectors on the market. As a sponsor to the Harmony House Project, Thermo Dynamics generously offered a notable discount for this high profile home, noting that visitors to the home would get an opportunity to witness just how much savings a top quality solar water heating system can provide.

Download Harmony House Flier – PDF (1.5 MB)

Link to the Harmony House


Contributing suppliers

Contributing suppliers – Sun Bright Solar is proud to be amongst the many high quality suppliers to the Harmony House Project.








Installing the line-set through the roof.

Installing the line-set. This end goes through the roof penetration.







S-5-T on seam

The metal roof was a standing seam type so using the S-5-T clamp enables us to attach the collectors without making a roof penetration.





Thermo-Dynamics S32 collectors with PV panel.

After the line-set was completed, we installed the Thermo-Dynamic G32 collectors and PV pump panel. This system utilizes a DC powered circulation pump which will only turn on when there is enough solar insolation to heat and a demand required for hot water (ie the storage tank max temperature is not met yet).







Installing the line-set.

The line-set had a bit of a meandering route to the utility room. We were careful to make sure it had continuous slope. The feed and return lines were made using 3/8″ copper with 1/2″ wall elasomeric insulation. The sensor wire was 4 strand 16 guage (2 are for backup purposes should any one of the other two become cut or shorted).







Installing the line-set

The line-set terminates in the utility room. We will need to wait for the construction process to advance before we continue our installation.







Thermo-Dynamics "solar boiler"

Once the drywall has been completed we are ready to install the Thermo-Dynamics Solar Boiler (heat exchanger/pump station) to the solar storage tank and to the line-set. The solar storage tank is then attached by a certified plumber to the indirect fired backup tank. In this install, that backup tank is heated by a Mitsubishi air-to-water heat pump.









Harmony House with solar thermal and PV panels.

The completed project had a large array of Day4 PV panels which took the home to a Net Zero status, producing more energy in a given year than it was using and feeding that excess energy back into the grid.