North Vancouver solar pool heating

North Vancouver Solar Pool Heating

N Van Solar PoolIn march of 2013 Sun Bright Solar installed 5 new Fafco SunSaver 4×12 collectors to replace an aging, larger array of rubber mat collectors. We sized the system for the minimum number of collectors needed in California as per the manufacturers suggestion, but ignoring their recommendation to add 25% more collector surface area to account for our more northern latitude. This was based on our personal observations of the product in many other locations in the Lower Mainland and which we were somewhat confident should work for this particular location. We did however, as a precaution, install in a manner that would allow us to add panels if necessary.

The customer started the circulation through the collectors on April 23 and was swimming in a comfortable 86°F pool by May 6, without the aid of heating from any other source than the sun. Happy faces, all around!

This system surpassed our expectations and although there was an unseasonal series of clear sky days about that time, the ambient air temperatures were near normal, so the gains were pretty much all from the collectors. So I would welcome any other solar users to share their stories too, and let’s move away from the common assumption that “solar won’t work in our climate”.


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