Domestic Hot Water

Solar Domestic Hot Water

Most applications for solar domestic hot water will be handled by glazed flat plate collector systems or evacuated tube collector systems. Please see our down-loadable 4-page brochure below for a sample system layout, or feel free to give us a call to receive a free copy of our original printed fold out brochure.

We proudly carry the Viessmann systems due to their superior quality and reliability. You can find information on the benefits and specifications on their individual product pages.  To find out more about solar domestic hot water and the Viessmann systems or other manufacturers systems, contact us today.

Download our Solar Domestic Hot Water (SDHW) brochure – PDF (2.8 MB)

How much floor space will you need? Lately, we have been getting quite a few inquiries from builders and designers, asking us how large the utility room should be if they want to incorporate solar thermal. So we measured the room in our basement and created a drawing of our floor plan, which should be big enough room for a typical installation (see below).

Download our Mechanical Room Floor Plan – PDF (26 KB)

If you are considering a combination of solar domestic hot water & pool heating, please have a read through the following document for consideration about which panels are best for these applications. There are significant advantages to be had if the loads can be serviced by separate systems.

Download our Pool + Domestic Hot Water document – PDF (336 KB)