Solar Controls

Viessman Solar Controls

Get the best performance from your solar system with the right control solution. Now choose from a full range of controls for every level of application!

Product Benefits:

  • New!  SCU124 for basic single-load systems
  • New!  SCU224 for basic multi-load systems
  • New!  Communication accessories for data logging and system monitoring
  • New!  Solar Divicon mounting kit accessory for SCU controls
  • Vitosolic 200 for advanced multi-load and commercial systems

Viessmann solar controls are capable of managing a wide variety of applications – from basic to very complex and give you the versatility and the power to meet the various system design requirements.


The following new V-BUS accessories are available for SCU and Vitosolic 200 solar controls:
Smart Display indicates collector and DHW tank temperature and solar energy yield (kWh)
Datalogger (c/w memory, modem connection) captures system operating details for analysis using Service Centre software
USB Interface Adaptor c/w Service Centre software to view system activities and performance in real time

Download Flier – PDF (175 KB)