Viessmann Vitosol 300-T

Viessmann Vitosol 300-T

The most environmentally-friendly method of domestic hot water heating, as well as a backup/supplement for low-temperature heating purposes. Thanks to the highly effective Sol-Titan coating, the vacuum tube collector Vitosol 300-T can even utilize diffused solar radiation. It is therefore suitable not only for domestic hot water applications, but also as a backup for central heating purposes.

Product Benefits:

  • High level of operational reliability and a long service life thanks to the use of high-grade, corrosion-resistant materials such as special solar glass, copper and stainless steel. Durable, vacuum-tight glass-to-metal seal.
  • High efficiency thanks to the Sol-Titan coated absorber and vacuum collector tubes.
  • Energy-efficient Duotec wrap-around pipe heat exchanger, which almost completely encases the condensers to facilitate better heat transfer.
  • The condenser has a flexible connection to the vacuum tube via a stainless steel corrugated pipe. The individual tubes can be adjusted for optimum alignment to the sun during original placement.
  • The dry connection of the collector tubes allows for individual tubes to be mounted and disassembled without having to drain the solar heating system.
  • Proven Viessmann plug-in system for connecting several collectors to form one collector panel with a total surface area of up to 65 ft2 – 6 m2

A fully integrated solar system package available:

  • Vitosol 300-T vacuum tube collectors
  • Vitocell 100 or 300 hot water storage tank
  • Solar-Divicon pump station
  • Vitosolic control unit
  • Solar expansion tank, Tyfocor solar fill
  • System fill manifold

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