Thermo Dynamics Solar Boiler

Thermo Dynamics “Solar Boiler”

The Thermo Dynamics Solar Boiler is the heart of the system consisting of a controller, DC operated solar pump, safety valves, pump and a SINGLE Wall* heat exchanger. This is where the freeze protected line-set from the collectors gives off it’s accumulated solar heat to the domestic hot water in the solar storage tank. You are then sending solar pre-heated water to your existing hot water heater, reducing the need for non-renewable resources to lift the temperature of water needed for your household use. The transferred heat is accomplished through a thermosiphon action (domestic hot water from the heat exchanger rises and thus it enters the solar storage tank at the top, allowing for good stratification in the tank where the hottest water is taken off the top of tank when it is replenishing the hot water heater).

* Note: Some municipalities in BC require a double-wall heat exchanger to tie in to the domestic hot water system although they allow the use of a single-wall heat exchanger if it is accompanied by a Back-flow Prevention Valve on the main water line in (which requires an inspection every year by a certified technician and which adds an expense to maintaining the system – check with your local regulatory office to verify your situation). There is a school of thought that this system accomplishes the highest rate of heat transfer and many other manufacturers also employ this method.

Download SB Tech file – PDF (1.4 MB)