Mounting Brackets

Mounting Brackets

Solarland is continually developing mounting kits and options for use with all their panels.  These kits are designed for the most rugged conditions and consist of the highest quality components. They have several universal mounting solutions to suit a wide range of panels. Wall, pole (top and side) and roof mounts are available to suit panel sizes from 3W -130W.

No matter what size of installation a custom design can be offered to provide a mounting system to meet your requirements. Please see below for a list of the product data sheets for each per-assembled kit.

SLP-0102 Universal Flat Mount Bracket Kit.

Download SLP-0102 – PDF (1.3 MB)

SLP-0103 Tilt Mount Bracket Kit. Made specifically for the SLP130-12 panel.

Download SLP-0103 – PDF (1.1 MB)

SLBRKT-01 Side of Pole/Wall Mount Bracket Kit. Made specifically for the SLP003 through SLP005 panels.

Download SLBRKT-01 – PDF (675 KB)

SLBRKT-02 L-Style Panel Kit. Made specifically for the SLP010 through SLP025 panels.

Download SLBRKT-02 – PDF (1.4 MB)

SLBRKT-03 Universal Flat and Pole Mount Kit. Works with most of SLP series panels.

Download SLBRKT-03 – PDF (1.8 MB)

SLBRKT-04 Side of Pole/Wall Mount Bracket Kit. Made specifically for SLP040 through SLP085 panels.

Download SLBRKT-04 – PDF (1.07 MB)

Note: Most of these kits can be used with other manufacturers panels by adding different bolt sizes. Please contact us if you do not see a product listed for your application. Pricing on request.