Off-Grid Home Systems

Off-Grid Solar Home Systems

A solar photovoltaic system (PV) is a terrific way to add to your enjoyment of your off-grid home, cottage or cabin. Imagine turning off the noisy generator and relaxing while solar collectors silently recharge your battery bank.

PV also reduces your dependence on expensive non-renewable fuels such as propane, gas and diesel, and so you will feel proud of your environmental stewardship in protecting our planet from climate change. The more solar you add to your system, the less non-renewable fuels you will be lugging in or having delivered each time you vacation.

Would solar contribute to your sense of belonging, of fitting in, of relaxing and enjoying nature? Is that peace of mind important to how you value your vacation property?

So, what’s holding you up from taking the steps to install solar? Not sure how to get started?

We can help with that!

Here is a short list of information we will require to be able to size a system for you:

  • Will the collectors be roof or ground mounted?
  • Do you have an unimpeded view of the sun (roughly southward) during your vacation season?
  • Do you have an area for the batteries to store the solar energy?
  • Have you made a list of all the electrical loads (power requirements) you wish to handle with solar pv (fridge, stove, microwave, computer, well pumps, lights etc), noting the voltage and amperage of each?
  • Have you listed when and for how long and in what combination these loads are in operation each day, week, month and year? (ie. can we compute the maximum load during a normal day)?
  • Do you have a means of transporting and/or installing your solar pv system yourself?

If you have answers to at least some of the questions above, you are ready to give us a call (or email or fax) and we’ll get to work designing a system to fit your requirements and your budget.