Solar Light Kits

Solar Light Kits

Solar PV is an ideal way to get away from using combustible fuels for lighting in off-grid situations. These products have been used extensively for emergency response and in third world communities where kerosene is the usual alternative. Locally, solar lighting is terrific for backyards, barns, sheds, boats, kiosk signage, camping and other  remote area applications. Please see below for a variety of product sheets.

BSL-P8002M-1. Delux Solar Shed Lamp. 12 LED light head. 50lm.  Ideal for barns, sheds, garages, gazebos, greenhouses and other remote structures. 4-5 hours run time.

Download BSL-P8002M-1 – PDF (727 KB)

BSL-R0335P. UNI Solar Flashlight. Lightweight, compact, fits in your pocket or on a keyring. Superbright LED.

Download BSL-R0335P – PDF (569 KB)

BSS-00107. Solar Lamp/Flashlight. 40lm. 1W panel. Torch lamp can be hung, mounted or hand held. 6-8 hours run time.

Download BSS-00107 – PDF (691 KB)

BSS-00201. Solar LED Light Kit. 12 Superbright LED matrix light head. 50lm. 1.5W panel. On-Off switch. 4-5 hours run time.

Download BSS-00201 – PDF (712 KB)

BSS-00207. Solar Emergency Lamp. 2 working models with either 4 LED’s or 24 LED’s. 20lm or 110lm.  4-24 hours run time.

Download BSS-00207 – PDF (542 KB)

BSS-00217. Solar Desk Lamp. 3 settings, 4lm/20lm/45lm. 4-66 hours run time.

Download BSS-00217 – PDF (515 KB)

BSS-00303-2. Solar Camping LED Lamp with panel & 120V adaptor. 2 settings. 24lm or 42lm. 5-12 hours run time.

Download BSS-00303-2 – PDF (686 KB)

BSS-00311S. Solar Light Kit. 2 LED matrix light heads. 50lm/light head. 2.5W panel. 8-16 hours run time.

Download BSS-00311S  – PDF (716 KB)

BSS-00314LH. Solar Light Kit.  TL LED lamp 120lm. 6-8 hours run time.

Download BSS-00314LH – PDF (564 KB)

BSS-00314S. Solar Light Kit. 2 LED matrix lamps. 50lm each. 9-18 hours run time.

Download BSS-00314S – PDF (541 KB)

BSS-00316. Solar Camping Lamp Kit. 2 settings, 25lm or 45lm. 5-10 hours run time.

Download BSS-0316 – PDF (543 KB)

BSS-00504LH. Solar Light Kit 5W.  2 TL LED lamp heads. 140lm each. 4-8 hours run time.

Download BSS-00504LH –  PDF (490 KB)

BSS-00504S. Solar Home Light Kit. 5W panel. 4 matrix LED lamps, 50lm each. 18-72 hours run time.

Download BSS-00504S – PDF (734 KB)

BSS-01004LH. Solar Light Kit 10W. 4 TL LED light heads, 140lm each. 4-8 hours run time.

Download BSS-01004LH – PDF (534 KB)

Note: Please contact us if you do not see a lighting product suitable for your requirement.

Pricing upon request.