Solar Photovoltaic Panels

Solar Photovoltaic Panels

Solarland Mono & Poly Crystalline panels are manufactured using the highest quality components to ensure longer life and excellent performance.  These panels are designed for the most rugged off-grid applications including but not limited to street lighting, water pumping, navigation lights, traffic signs and signals. Mono Crystalline panels from 20W -140W and Poly Crystalline panels  from 3W -290W are available in various voltages.

Please see the Excel Spreadsheets below for available Solarland models. Contact us for a data sheet on model(s) of interest for more details, pricing or availability. Custom and OEM panels are also available – please ask for details.

Solarland Collectors – XLSX (84 KB)


Solarland Collectors – XLS (107 KB)

Download Solarland Panel Warranty Sheet – PDF (267 KB)