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Solar Pool Heating

Residential seasonal (outdoor) pool

There are few applications better suited to Solar heating than pools due to the enormous costs to heat pools using conventional fuels and solar’s ability to slash those expenses.   Contact us to find out more about how we can help you heat your pool using solar energy.

Seasonal pool heating systems

Here you will get the best return on investment of all renewable energy technologies.

For seasonal (outdoor) pool use we prefer to use the less sophisticated (and less expensive), unglazed flat plate collectors (see the Fafco menu under Pool Heating for details). Unglazed flat-plate collectors for this application do not need costly freeze protection since they are only used during the spring, summer and fall (drained during the winter). These collectors do a great job at raising your pool to a comfortable swimming temperature, usually even without the need to start the conventional pool heater! Pools are very expensive to heat with non-renewable fuels, as acknowledged by the BC Hydro help sheet about some great ideas on reducing this energy consumption (see PDF download below).

Fafco SchematicWe can provide you with inexpensive solar collectors, and when added to your existing filtration pumping system, will dramatically reduce (some clients claim it can even negate) the use of a conventional fuel heater, which incidentally, will increase its life expectancy. These savings from reducing your fuel costs will usually pay for the system in less than five years and then continue to provide you with 15-25 more years of FREE heating!

If you haven’t thought about heating your pool, give us a call and we can help you determine what a typical installation will entail. Having a Fafco solar heating system can extend your pool season by two months, and is a smart investment for yours and your family’s enjoyment.

Year-round pool heating systems

For indoor/outdoor pools in year-round use, we prefer to use glazed flat-plate or evacuated tube collectors (see the Domestic Hot Water menu for details).

In residential applications we typically will oversize a solar domestic hot water system with the excess heat being delivered to the pool. This method maximizes the efficiency of this domestic hot water component while the pool acts to ensure your system doesn’t over heat in the summer. This is a great combination and will significantly reduce your home and pools conventional fuel consumption.

For commercial or public pool year-round applications we will simply size the system to give the best overall performance. Sometimes, these systems can also be combined with other duties such as domestic hot water and even supplemental space heating. Again, the conventional energy consumption can be radically reduced for huge savings. We would love to discuss your options with you and provide you with suggestions that will fit all of your needs.

Download our Solar Pool Heating 1 page brochure – PDF (901 KB)

Download our Solar Pool Heating 4 page brochure – PDF (2.7 MB)

Download BC Hydro Residential Pool Energy sheet – PDF (448 KB)

If you are considering a combination of solar domestic hot water & pool heating, please have a read through the following document for consideration about which panels are best for these applications. There are significant advantages to be had if the loads can be serviced by separate systems.

Download our Pool + Domestic Hot Water document – PDF (336 KB)

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