Fafco SunSaver Pool Heater

Fafco SunSaver Pool Heater

Public poolFafco’s SunSaver pool heating collector is one of the worlds most extensively installed solar heaters for in-ground pools. While it has the same basic high-efficiency construction as the SolarBear and SunGrabber panels, it utilizes 2″ headers for greater flow across larger arrays (more panels). This allows for systems to scale from small residential backyard pools to large municipal pools.

While there are no “packaged” systems, you can use all the typical mounting components which are the same as in the SolarBear and SunGrabber kits. Each pool and pool owner is different so each installation requires a  site-specific survey to size the system to your pool and geographical situation. The SunSaver collectors carry a 12-year full warranty and a lifetime limited warranty – the best in the industry!

For a small investment in a SunSaver system, you can add a couple months swim-time to your season and reduce your non-renewable fuel consumption by $1000’s of dollars per year (with fuel prices expected to rise dramatically as supplies dwindle, this can easily scale to over $100,000 savings over the life of a system for the average home pool owner).

This product really makes sense, right now, as a great investment, to say nothing about its benefit to our environment. Call today to discuss a site-specific survey to see how much solar can improve your lifestyle!Sunsaver cutaway

Download SunSaver Flier – PDF (2.2 MB)

Download SunSaver Spec Sheet – PDF (33 KB)

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