Fafco SolarBear Pool Heater

Fafco SolarBear Pool Heater

This is Fafco’s smallest system, mostly used for above-ground or small in-ground pools. A single 4 x 20 foot panel is either laid on the grass (or other suitable flat area) or mounted to a structure like a wooden rack or roof and is plumbed to the existing filter system. The collector has a manual by-pass valve built into one of the headers.

The  Fafco system is very easy for the home owner to install and has a 10-year limited warranty. It is simple to operate, highly effective for heating smaller pools and inexpensive … a terrific way to get into solar heating for your pool. This product is not  suitable for inflatable pools. Call for sizing options.

Download SolarBear Brochure – PDF (1.2 MB)

Download SolarBear Installation Manual – PDF (2.2 MB)

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