Fafco SunGrabber Pool Heater

Fafco SunGrabber Pool Heater

Fafco’s SunGrabber system uses a 2 foot wide collector of various length making it more versatile for mounting and system sizing than the SolarBear. This system is still easy to install and will cover all your pool heating needs for any above ground pools and smaller sized in-ground pools.

The SunGrabber panels have 1-1/2″ manifolds (like SolarBear) but do not include the pre-plumbed manual bypass valve (unlike the SolarBear). A manual by-pass valve is included in the plumbing kit and mounting kit. This system is easily expanded to include automated controls and can be mounted on the ground, on a rack or on a roof. Fafco’s SunGrabber collectors carry a 5 year limited warranty. This product is not recommended for inflatable pools.

Please have a look at the Installation Manual below for the various system options. Please call for system sizing and pricing.

Download SunGrabber Brochure – PDF (2 MB)

Download SunGrabber Installation Manual – PDF (2 MB)

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