Sun Bright Solar provides Canadian Solar Industry Association (CanSIA) certified solar hot water installations in the Lower Mainland. We will make you aware of all available grants, special financing offers or tax incentives that apply to your solar installations.

Our services include:

On-Site Survey

Sun Bright Solar offers on-site surveys to assess the solar potential of your home. Everything from roof type, shading issues, and number of occupants are very important to determining the value of a solar system for your specific application. On-site, we will take needed measurements, conduct evaluations on solar potential, as well as how to best accommodate the hardware needed for the system. A typical survey will be completed in about 30 to 60 minutes.

On-Site Solar Evaluation Report

Our specialized evaluation tools will allow us to determine the total normal solar radiation of your site. We take into consideration 30 years of weather data, year-round solar path, shading from nearby buildings and trees and eventual tree growth. Our systems are designed to last for 25 – 35 years, so it is important to plan ahead. Our software will give you a very complete outlook on how much hot water a your solar installation will give  in a year, based on your average hot water use.

Informational Quote

This is no ordinary quote. We are experts in our field and we want to educate you in the options you have. We believe in empowering you to make the informed choices that will serve you now and into the future. We want to help you find the best system, at the best price to fit your lifestyle. Are you concerned about the return on your investment? We will help explain how to best plan your system to give you the maximum value for your individual needs.

Solar Installations

Normally, each new installation is different from the last one because of variations in the building’s structure and orientation. We will determine the optimal installation that is both aesthetically pleasing and that meets your budget.

Our technicians are equipped with the training and expertise to do the job right!

Our technicians are equipped with the training and expertise to do the job right!

We ensure that our team will take the time to look after your home as if it were their own. After the installation has been completed, we will return after 24 hours to check the system and ensure everything is functioning correctly. You will also be given a set of the “before and after” pictures so you can see how great your home looks after completion.

Maintenance Packages

Although your new solar system is designed to require minimal maintenance, it is still a good idea to inspect it periodically to make sure the system is operating at peak efficiency. Sun Bright Solar will provide you with two free visits over two years as part of the initial installation package. We also offer long term service packages to ensure your system is running at peak efficiency.

For seasonal solar pool heating systems, we offer comprehensive winterization and spring tune-up packages. You can book them independently or as a package. These services will ensure your system is secure to the roof, is fully winterized against freeze damage and that all the components are lubed and functioning properly.  Call for rates or do-it yourself …see below for coverage and what’s included.

Download our Solar Pool Heating – Winterization Checklist – PDF (48 KB)

Download our Solar Pool Heating – Spring Tune-up Checklist – PDF (48 KB)