Getting on the Green Band-wagon

I know this is not a new topic and probably of little interest to anyone, but just for giggles I’d like to run this up the flag pole …

Since when, did natural gas become a “renewable” commodity? I saw on tv this week, that Fortis is advertising how it has captured some gas from a bog or a dump or something, and now they feel ok to show their business as renewable. I think I have had enough of this psycho babble double talk. I didn’t like it when Star bucks started calling small tall and I am not buying it now with all these companies fracking our environment all to hell and then posing themselves as all green and cuddly. It  just don’t fly! Your expensive tv ads don’t trick us. We’re not fooled, and we’re getting mad. Stop it. Please.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, I want to also thank Fortis BC for being a pretty good company who actually have a good ethic to providing leadership on reducing our (their customers) carbon footprint. And for providing a good level of service in the distribution of their product. And it’s not as if I can be holier than thou because I use NON-RENEWABLE fossil fuels too, just like everybody else. I own that. So they should too.



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