Hang in there Mother Earth

So this weeks solar observation, is “Can mother earth survive Trump”? The American native nation were doing their level headed best to stop a pipe line from running through their watershed, and they actually had the Obama administrations approval to void the permits for that construction, but within four days of his Presidency, Trump over turned that ruling, and gave the thumbs up to the Army Corp of Engineers to carry on. This was probably just after giving the thumbs up for the XL pipeline and dismantling the EPA. Trump does not like Mother Earth – she gets in the way of him and his cronies making billions more dollars. Sorry about that kids, you’re on your own to try and survive in whatever world he has left you. If mother earth was hanging on a cross by nails in her hands and feet, Trump would laugh and have them launch 59 tomahawk cruise missiles at her. Take that you dirty old mother earth!



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