Site C Solar Farm

There now. Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? Maybe “C” for concentrated solar? Who would have thought our nice new Green Party/NDP government would invest tax payers dollars in renewable technology?

Oh, wait. They didn’t. They buckled and went the easier route. Said it was a hard decision. Looked sad about the announcement.

11 Billion for a hydro dam and not a red roaring cent for solar. As a tax payer and solar provider, I am more than a little disappointed that the direction of our countries energy program hasn’t taken us more into a sustainable future. I suppose we could just all say the heck with even bothering to try to save the world; just frack the living hell out of everything we can find, dig and burn and export that coal, squeeze the gooey oil from the tar sands, more pipelines and gas container terminals until our country and world along with it is unfit for human life. As long as its not solar or wind or geothermal, it’s AOK with us Canadians because we don’t give a damn. There’s money in the ground and BYE GOD we’re going to have it all!

Drill baby drill!

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