Solar and tennis

Solar and tennis, what have they got to do with each other? Well, pretty well nothing. This post is about me taking a break from solar work to enjoy some wonderful tennis from Wimbledon. 

The post is about a particular peeve of mine, where the announcers of one match, can’t seem to shut up about the status of another match taking place at the same time in some court only they can see. I really don;t appreciate the update you see, because I am recording the other match, and wish to be surprised and delighted by the action as if it were being watched live. I like that. That is why I pay so much to be able to record so many channels at once.

McEnroe, can’t you please just keep it to yourself? Oh, and don’t be so hard on Raonic.  The man loves Roger Federer, was probably having the best match of his life, just being on center court with him doing his best and doing pretty good against that master. Why hang him out to dry on his deficiencies, if that is all you can say of him. Me, I think it was just fantastic to see him do so well. And he kept his composure. And he didn’t withdraw on a medical (perceived or otherwise) issue. Just a great match.

Wish I could be so thrilled with the Berdych match against Djokovic, but John McEnroe has taken that from me. Actually I think that comment should be directed at TSN, who bring me the matches on Telus cable. I am sure it is not easy to cover this complicated tournament, but I wish it were easier (somehow?) to plan to the recordings, and then to instruct their announcers to stick to their own matches, and not give away all the excitement of the other matches on the other channels.

Have a great summer you solar tennis lovers.


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