Solar roof work – customers shoes

Do no harm.

That is a good first rule of thumb. The roof is in such and such condition, you want to leave it that way. Use a board to protect the gutter from your ladder weight. If you are working on an asphalt roof, which is the most common here in the Lower Mainland, then it is quite easy to install solar thermal, without overly jeopardizing the condition of the roof. Use a base (sealed roof penetration plate), or a flashing. Do not make exposed roof penetrations, ever. Be careful not to strip the lag bolt hole by over tightening. Try to keep your base plates onto a single flat surface – not overlapping adjacent shingle edges. When you turn your body, lift your feet so you are not scraping off valuable roof material coating or gouging the shingle wall.  If the roof is a steep pitch, and the panels are long, considering using a Unistrut top rail for the upper restraint. It will allow you to find and lag into the trusses using a flashed footing, and then give you ability to space your restraint straps to match the panel configuration.

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