Where is my Federal support for renewable energies?

My friend Justin Trudeau, who promised me he would drive Canada back towards the global goal of reducing greenhouse gas has been stalling. Now I know he visited Paris, got us on board the pact to begin ACTING to reduce green house gasses …and then, nothing. He got some flack from the Provinces when he went to talk about it – but that was expected. Canadians are no more interested in losing their comfortable lifestyles then any other HAVE nation, however, I think we would not revolt after the initial directives were laid down. And I know nobody would complain if we all managed somehow to save the world. I am sure peoples children, once they come to realize the dire situation of their future lifestyles, would not complain. So whats it all about? He announces how he supports pipelines and tar sands and LNG projects …why not support renewables with a few million dollars like he just did the Ford Motor plant and the Bombardier corporation, where the lifestyle continues to look so great for the multimillion dollar bonused CEO’s (not the poor ones that got laid off, however, they were charred to be able to meet those budget cuts, which the CEO’s then use to justify their multimillion dollar government subsidized bonuses… but I digress). How come I am still talking about this? We agreed to go along with the world. But Trump says he won’t honor his countries agreement, and will destroy the environment at any cost. And now it looks like since he holds a big economic axe over Canada’s head, Trudeau is going to renege on his promises too. Great country Canada eh? Doing whats right, helping to save the world. No, not really. We’re too greedy – Drill baby drill!


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